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The Seasonal Tournament of Hell Let Loose is back with its Spring 2023 edition. Get ready for an epic battle starting in April.

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Current standings

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The Tournament

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Past editions

Fall 2022

Fall 2022 was the edition of many firsts. Oceania entered the tournament with the ferocious Australia-based Chimera. There were no less than six teams from China, with a grand total of 32 different teams fighting for the first place. CoRe won for the second time in a row, this time against DC.

Spring 2022

With no less than 24 teams, we had to introduce a new Buchholz-based tournament format. CoRe claimed the crown after a ruthless battle against the well renowned NA team TL, therefore becoming the first German team to win the tournament.

Fall 2021

We’re expanding! China joined with a national team for the first time this season. Thanks to an incredible crew of streamers, we were able to cover almost all matches of the Fall edition, that gathered 16 teams and more than 1,000 players again. The German newcomers CoRe wowed us all by ending up second, right after WTH.

Winter 2021

A big step up from Fall 2020, the Winter 2021 edition of Seasonal increased its team roster to 16, pitting more than 1,000 players together. Proving again that it was the most successful tournament in HLL, it saw the emergence of Exodus, which took it by storm and won the whole thing, putting WTH to second place and taking the crown.

Fall 2020

The first edition of Seasonal, back in September 2020, involved only 8 teams. Its success lead to a big shift in the HLL scene, tying the different communities together with its horizontal organisation, innovative ban system, and competitive focus. WTH went undefeated and won this edition, with Lost Squad ending second.

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Signups are still open. Competitors are snatching their spot though so if you would like to join, do not wait for too long before you apply!

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We do live broadcast and commentary of the games every week. Wanna know more about strategy and teamwork from experts of the game in a cozy atmosphere? Grab a drink and a batch of popcorn, we've got your back.

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About us

The Seasonal

Since its first edition in september 2020, the HLL Seasonal tournament has cemented itself as the go-to tournament for the most competent, skilled and ambitious teams of Hell let Loose. Its short and intense format provide 8 weeks of high-level competition. The brutal double-elimination brackets, the collaborative and inter-community aspects, the implementation of the map/side ban system (since then the default for all competitive games) are all key features of the Seasonal. The Seasonal discord has also become the place to discuss HLL competitive meta and tactics, meet the competitive communities from around the world, in addition to being the main place to organise the games, and register your team to the fight.

The Staff

Based on Heidi’s original idea of a worlwide tournament that would focus solely on the competitive and community aspects, rather than on promoting a specific community or, worse, a brand, the Seasonal goes beyond the teams of Hell Let Loose. It is the joint effort of people from all horizons. Therefore, this tournament is not the product of one competitive team but rather the result of helpers, moderators and builders from around the world working together into bringing a challenging competition to the Hell Let Loose playerbase. 

Why Hell Let Loose?

Despite its many flaws, Hell let Loose provides something very few games can achieve : a shooter that opposes large teams of 50 people, working together in the common goal of defeating their enemies. This large-scale, combined arms combat creates a unique competitive experience, compared to other shooters which usually involve way less players. While not initially designed for competitive play, Hell let Loose proves itself to be a fascinating competitive experience.